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A New Year is upon us, and a new spotlight is shined towards the city of wind on a real talented producer who goes by the name of Slot-A. I met homie last year at the ADD-2 show in BK, and we chopped it up for a few, real cool dude. 2011 was a real busy year for him dropping various singles with ADD-2, Neak, Mike Schpitz, and Sincerely Yours to name a few. Also dropping a collaborative project with Molemen Representative Scheme. I decided to reach out to him and get him on the blog’s first spotlight of 2012. Keep reading below.

Peace Slot-A let heads know where you from?

Whats good? My name is Slot-A, which is an acronym for Second Letter Of The – Alphabet. Born & raised in a city called Ypsilanti/Ann Arbor, Michigan (Go Blue). Currently living and creating in Chicago, IL.

That’s whats up, shout to my peoples in Michigan, and my second home Chicity. Let heads know how you got into producing beats man? What influences made you want to make music?

After my pops passed when I was 7, I went to a shell – became extremely indifferent & acting out. Around the 8th grade when I started making beats, It got helped me to focus and get excited about life. My big brother, Smurf, really pushed me to make beats after noticing my progress. If it wasn’t for him, I probably would of quit like all my other friends. Definitely Appreciate my brother for that.

Man at the time when I really got into production Kanye West, 9th Wonder, DJ Battle Cat & Dr Dre were the producers who influenced me as a producer as far as hip hop goes. I absolutely love West Coast rap, everybody from E-40 to Kurupt plus everyone in between. I also listened to a lot of Drum & Bass, Detroit Ghetto Tech & Miami Booty Music. My influences vary but one thing I love is that high energy, strong bass lines, synthizer, dirty samples & snapping ass drums. Becoming a DJ definitely made me fiend for that.

That’s what’s good. Tell us, what’s your thought process in making a beat? What tools do you use to create your sounds?

Man, my thought process is have fun with it man. Like i’m not trying to out produce anyone else. I go to clubs, parties, see bands, string quartets, I get inspired then I sit down in front of that Ableton Live or Fruity Loops. I go between my serato for samples and ideas to see what I can play off of. I play bass a little bit, keys, my turntables are a big part of my process, my Korg Padkontrol plays a really big roll in my producer and hella VST’s. I cant forget accidents and experimentation play a big part in my records. I try to make it feel familiar enough but different enough for people to rock to and not feel bored.

Being a dope producer and djing go hand in hand. You want to dig for records (or e-dig) play what people might not always have or be on. It makes your collection of songs and samples special. Find sounds, create sounds & tweak shit.

I can dig it! You’ve worked with many emcees in the Chi , if you were only able to pick 3 tracks to introduce heads unfamiliar with Slot-A, to your production, which joints would you spin for them?

Man, I’d probably start with a non-Chicago joint by the homie Ghost Wridah “For My Ex,” “DGK” by Add-2 & wrap it up “Groove Theory” by Neak Undefined. There are a few joints I’d want to introduce em to but a lot of those records are coming out this year but I think thats a good list.

All the joint’s you listed, dope. Lets touch on you just dropping a dope project with Molemen representative Scheme just recently, how that come about? What can we hear on the album?

I heard of dude through Virgil Solis (formerly of Ruby Hornet). They were asking for tracks and I’d catch him out and around town when I’d rock with Add-2. We’d always end up chopping it up Scheme, Astronish & Scend so, when I started sliding through sessions with beats. So him and Scend had an opportunity with a local boutique in Chicago, to release a project with the Cement 3′s. So they had a few records that I already did with him and reached out to me about creating a project called, “Life That I Chose EP.” We ended up knocking out the project in about a month and some change. The project is completely Produced by me, so its a bunch of really dope ass records. lol. Some more gritty joints, smooth records, and Scheme spazzing out.

Scheme – Hello (What Up) feat. Astonish (produced by Slot-A) by SchemeMusic

I have to say that is definitely a dope project. What’s in store for Slot-A in 2012? Any projects in the works for the near future?

Man, a lot is in store to be real. I have a few projects where I’m doing ALL the production. One with Mike Schpitz of Grumpy Old Men called “Have You Seen My Stapler” & a project with Neak called “Love Greater – The Prequel” scheduled to drop sometime this month (January 2011).

That’s whats good, will definitely be keeping everyone updated about your new projects on the blog. Now besides producing do you do any rhyming?

I do from time to time but I’m more so into writing hooks. Its definitely one of my strong suits.

I can dig it, a hook I think makes or breaks a song in alot of cases, that’s whats up. When you’re not working on the music, who you checking for in the game right now, what’s spinning heavy on Slot-A’s mp3 player?

I’ll give you 3 songs I really like right now: “The Homies Girl” by Bishop Lamont, “You Remind Me” By Patrice Rushen & “Dont Touch It” by Maxx Traxx. I’m not really excited about new artist at the time. Kendrick definitely is dope but as far as im concerned no one has really struck a chord with me and kept it going.

I feel you on that, I’m big on Section80 myself. Well homie, before we wrap up the spotlight, how can heads get at you for beats, collabs, booking, or just to show love?

Hit me up at for booking and beats. Please dont ask me on twitter or facebook – real talk – It’s wack. If you’re trying to show love hit me up on Facebook ( & Before I dip out I want to give a big s/o to my crew, Add-2, Neak, Sincerely Yours, INTLMC, RD, Vanysh, GhostWridah, Fawn Nicole, My dudes at SRNC & the homies at LYFE. Big s/o to the city of Ypsilanti, MI for making me who I am.

I appreciate you taking some time to have the spotlight shine on you, and wish you much success homie. There you have it man, look out for music produced by this man right here. Shout to all my folks out in Chicity Also. Peace.

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