Album Review: Termanology – G.O.Y.A. (Editorial)


Let it be known that Termanology had one of the best years of his career in 2012. He dropped not one but two widely acclaimed records in that true collaborative hip-hop fashion he clearly holds so dear. First, he and frequent collaborator Statik Selektah dropped an album as the duo 1982, 2012, in May. And seven months later, Term linked with rapper/producer Lil Fame (aka Fizzy Womack of M.O.P.) for the tough-as-nails Fizzyology.

Despite that constant studio grind last year, the New England-hailing MC kept that fire in his belly warm while dropping preview cuts and ripping guest features in anticipation of his latest solo affair, G.O.Y.A. (Gunz or Yay Available). Despite being a solo record, the album is another collaboration, and an impressive one at that, with bubbling producer Shortfyfuz, who also hails from Term’s native Lawrence, Mass. Maybe it was the fact they share a hometown or that Shortyfuz feels he has something to prove—or simply that returning home to record the album served as inspiration—buy G.O.Y.A. is yet another impressive offering from Termanology.

The album comes packed with 17 brand-new tracks, three of which are skits, from the rapper known for his blistering flow, tough-talking rhymes, and drug-dealer wit. In other words, it’s everything you would to hear from Term and his cohorts, which include like-minded spitters Action Bronson (the superbly funky “Take My Turn“), Sheek Louch (the uber-raw “Straight Off The Block”), and Wais P (the metaphor-heavy “Cocaine Eyes”). The most intriguing guest, however, is Chris Rivers on gangster-rap banger “Scandalous.” For those unaware, Rivers is the son of the late Big Pun, whose voice echoes across the hook and was a huge inspiration on Term. In fact, some detractors have unfairly labeled Term a Pun biter but, as made evident on “Scandalous,” that’s simply not the case. He just knows how to rip apart a beat like it stole his lunch money with his lightning-fast delivery.

It’s not all internal rhymes and head-spinning raps, though. Term gets introspective and meditates on street life on “Black Hole” alongside crooner Lee Wilson and the Roots affiliate Dice Raw. Elsewhere, you’ll hear the Massachusetts MC flex his talents as a storyteller on standout “Secret Location,” which finds Term in the role of a mafia boss outlining how to transition from a follower to a leader. You get the feeling that Term has lived this life, like an online casino owner gone bad. As he details where and how to stash your cash, you can picture him piling up dough as the guy behind a site like As players press their luck, he stacks his own paper—maybe even indulging in gambling himself—and knows where to keep it so the feds don’t catch up with him. That kind of vivid imagery brought about by Term’s lyrics is what makes him such an engaging MC.

There are also moments of mutual respect displayed, like on the legends-laden title track. “G.O.Y.A.” is actually a skit full of shout outs from rap kings Large Pro, Lil Fame, Pete Rock and DJ Premier. Even though Termanology has worked with all of them, this interlude feels like he’s being ushered into higher echelon of Northeast hip-hop and rap music in general. And as long as he keeps pushing out records like G.O.Y.A., we don’t see him losing that spot.

Guillotine The Kasino Champ- “Dope Emcee” (Video) (and 2 previously released vids)


I’ve actually been waiting to introduce this cat to audience for a while now and Friday the 13th is most def the perfect time. Besides the fact that dude can rhyme, picks beats to set a tone for his lyrical content and has a natural mic presence, he also stretches his creativity far past the actual joints and gives his audience mini experiences into his world through his videos. I really appreciate having something visually creative to set off the already concentrated darkness of the songs. He also exhibits a playfulness and wit that seamlessly lets us know this guy a) loves to rhyme and has real passion for it b) is just a real ass dude that happens to be mad creative and c) he’s confident yet down to earth and approachable. I included 3 of my favorites, also you may recognize him from the DFW Cypher video. Below the videos you’ll find a link to Ekp Pictures (who filmed all Guillotine’s videos) Youtube Channel. Check him out, feedback is always appreciated!

On his Dexter shit..

A short film (the first video I saw of his)

Ekp Pictures YouTube Channel

INF- Pipe Dreams (2012) | Dez Flight Underground (Mixtape)


This mixtape plays like the beautiful contradiction of a sunny day when it rains. Most the beats have a pensive, Sunday groove-like vibe with just a hint of something dark around the corner. As you get further down the playlist, the energy level lifts and really gets ya noddin’ your head. The rhymes over the beats are raw and dark, laced with a  fluid conviction.. Each emcee delivers his lines like a true hood cat who knows the power of speaking level and stern instead of yelling.

IDE (Creative Juices Music)  comes with some dark, multi dimensional, extremely dope lyrics..he’ll make ya think! Matlock (out of Chicago) puts down that real life scumbag shit with a vengeance. Block Mccloud, is always dope and Slantsight, who I’m hearing for the first time and am mad impressed with. It’s a great little project to zone out to and get inspired to write as well.

Download Here

Just My Thoughts: M-Dot’s Layer Cake Mixtape


When the homie Rev of EMS asked me to put my thoughts of M-Dot’s new mixtape,Layer Cake, on The Hip Hop Head, I obliged. I usually hate to write extensive write up’s on projects unless it’s something, really worth my while, so I downloaded the mixtape, unzipped, popped it into the WinAmp, and pressed play. The outcome, over an hour’s worth of dope hip hop from one of Boston’s unsung emcees. Right from jump, the intro grabs you, to continue listening on. I’ve always said a good intro is important to engage the listener, and believe me, past track 1…this mixtape does not disappoint.

The mixtape supplies plenty of dope features, one of my favorites being the Reef Ali produced “El Marachi” featuring Chaundon, Cymarshall Law, & Daily Planet. I posted this joint a few months back and has been a regular spin on my playlist since. Just a lineup of some dope underrated emcee’s going in, and of course M-Dot kills it at the end.

One of my other favorite cuts off this joint is the Confidence & M-Credible produced “Taggant”, with his fellow EMS crew member Mayhem. M-Dot Proclaims “Smash my shows, outlast my foes,split with my spit, til they tag my toes..” and the rest of the verse is dope.

Another track I want to highlight is Circulate featuring one of my favorite femcees Dominique Larue, and the homie Boycott Blues.

When it comes to mixtapes, the genre is flooded with subpar garbage that have music, you’d listen to once, if at all, and forget about the next day. Layer Cake is a solid project, that should be included in any hip hop head’s playlist and get regular spins. It’s not your run of the mill throw away tracks or bullshit low quality cuts..Nah, you got some serious solid album worthy tracks on here, so you won’t be wasting your time downloading’ll be head nodding as soon as you hit play. What more could you want from the “2010 Rap Act of The Year” Recipient, and for free.99 I may add. Go Download this. Trust me. These are Just My Thoughts.

Download Layered Cake Here

Majesty – Militant Interdisciplinary Consciousness (M.I.C.) (Album Review)


I had the pleasure of previewing the debut album by Majesty titled ‘Militant Interdisciplinary Consciousness (M.I.C.)’ which was just released on May 15th. He’s a dope emcee/producer hailing from Denver, CO. He’s originally from the greater Philly area and has strong ties and influences from the hip-hop scene there. I’d have to say this album is a glimpse straight into his heart. He wrote, produced, mixed, arranged and recorded the whole thing by himself and had it EQ mastered in L.A. His sound is very unique I’d say. He’s got great lyrics and spits the truth. His beats are somewhat hardcore sounding, however they have subtle jazz, reggae, metal and even Asian influence to them. Personally I like em a lot. The album features many great artists including Matt Maddox, Block McCloud, 7th Sign, Planetary, Doap Nixon, Chief Kamachi, Reef the Lost Cauze, Rasul Allah and more. All of the featured artists and Majesty himself bring mad hardcore hip-hop flavor to the table here. ‘M.I.C’ is a little rough around the edges meaning it doesn’t have that “big studio” polished sound to it, and I think that’s one reason I dig it so much. It’s straight up Underground Hip-Hop and it’s well worth the purchase. Three of my faves I’ve got on here for you to check out… ‘America’ (ft. 7th Sign), ‘Makin’ Moves’ (ft. Block McCloud), and ‘Battle Testimony’ (ft. Matt Maddox). I totally recommend you check it out and if you’re feeling it COP IT!! Peace!

01) Introduction ft. Black Mask
02) America ft. 7th 7ign
03) Makin” Moves ft. Block McCloud
04) Visionz
05) Rise ft. Orion Freeman
06) Alphabetical Algorhythms
07) Salvation ft. Planetary
08) To The End (of Time)
09) Interlude
10) Battle Testimony ft. Matt Maddox
11) Venom
12) Rule With An Iron Fist
13) Cipher Science
14) Means To The Ends ft. Doap Nixon
15) Killadel, Pistolvania ft. Chief Kamachi, Doap Nixon, & Reef The Lost Cauze
16) Path of The Machines ft. Rasul Allah & Cosmic Crusader
17) Product of Circumstance ft. Doap Nixon

Cop it here.
CdBaby: (Cd’s & Digital)
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Amazon: (Digital only @ the moment, but should have CD’s available soon….were already supposed to be there :( )
Paypal: (CD’s)

Check out more here:!/MajIsConscious

Just My Thoughts : Red Eye – St. Fatrick’s Day


Today’s mixtapes are a dime a dozen. Trying to find a dope mixtape in a genre that’s ridiculously flooded with subpar music is like a needle in two haystacks. In comes St. Fatrick’s Day. This joint right here is a mixtape, but it’s not. It’s not filled with studio session fillers, cutting room floor tracks, and overused industry beat remixes. This mixtape gives you 15 tracks of the freshest, grittiest boom bap, and the homie brings along some of the heavyweights of the underground on this massacre. Ayo, I’m talking about Shabaam Sahdeeq, Bekay, King Magnetic, Sha Stimuli, Ruste Juxx, FT, Cella Dwellas, El Da Sensei…B!, that’s just to name a few…The Mixtape is pretty much a collection of posse cuts, but don’t get it twisted, Red Eye doesn’t get drowned out by all the features..each verse is well thought out, and well delivered to make you understand that he wasn’t playing putting this dope mixtape together. This mixtape can singlehandedly be one of the best this year so far. These joints are serious, and are capable of getting serious spins for years to come, not some project you listen to once and end up in the recycle bin a week later. I got to say I’m looking forward to seeing what Red Eye offers up on his debut solo album, but this could definitely hold any fan over, until Fatrick Ewing drops. This Just My Thoughts.

King Syze – Collective Bargaining (Album Preview)


If you a real hip hop head, then you know about Philly Emcee King Syze, You also know about Army of The Pharaohs, a collective of dope emcees in which King Syze is a member of. The homie Skammadix reached out to me. and sent over Collective Bargaining so that I would give a listen. The album dropped last year, but didn’t get the push it should have gotten. Let say after the first listen, that’s a got damn shame. 2012 is a new year, and another opportunity to shine light on this really great album, entirely produced by Skammadix himself, who as you know, has produced many bangers for some of the Underground’s finest.
Collective Bargaining is a hard hitting, off with their heads, type of LP, but what do you expect from a AOTP member? When these dudes come out, they come for blood. 17 tracks long, the album is full of straight bangers, one such heatrock is “Iron work” featuring fellow AOTP member Planetary, MC Esoteric, and the Demigodz own, Celph Titled. Another dope track that had me neck breaking was “Flash Flood” featuring Blacastan and V Zilla. Other standout tracks on the album were “The Strike Line” ft Diabolic, Reef The Lost Cauze, King Mag, and Jus Allah of Jedi Mind Tricks, and “History in The Making” featuring Boston emcee M-Dot. King Syze doesn’t disappoint with the flow. This is a formula for an underground classic, no fillers, no skits, just straight heat throughtout. This album deserves a revival and many a purchase, cause you definitely get plenty of bangers worthy of the mere asking price of 10 bucks. Cop it. Peace.

Cop the album on iTunes.

Deerok Previews Godilla’s Battle Beast (Album Preview)


I know ya’ll remember Battle Beast, they were these little toy monster warriors that had these little stickers on their chests, when you would rub the stickers, it would reveal one of the four elements, in which one element defeats the other. If I had to choose which element this Battle Beast album was, I would have to pick Fire. Godilla comes through with his full length album debut on Redphone Records, and I have to say, the album is beyond nice. Let me just say that if you’re not looking for a completely Boom Bap album with top notch production and real talented features, then this album is not for you, and seriously… you shouldn’t be listening to rap at all.
Let me begin with the dope intro produced by Manybeats and DJ Absurd on the cuts….Pure Hip Hop. I can’t tell people enough that the intro to an album is so important as to grab a person’s attention to want to keep listening, and with DJ Absurd on the cuts, Godilla accomplishes that, but that’s just the first 2 minutes or so of the album, you got to move on deeper into the project to enjoy the heatrocks Godilla packed into this 19 plus track Battle Beast. On production you got some of the underground’s brightest giving Godilla and company, the soundscape to lay some dope verses. Ali Armz, Stu Bangas,Haze Attacks, Weirdo, Nemisis, Oxydz of the Grim Reapers, just to name a few. For the album being 19 tracks deep, there’s very little to no filler tracks on Battle Beast, each track goes hard and Godilla doesn’t lax at any point on the album, on point throughout. To help Godilla in the battle you have features such as Sha Stimuli, King Mag, Ali Armz, Thirstin Howl The 3rd, Adlib, Born Unique, Tug Mcraw, Jukstapose, and Scheme just to name a few lending their skill to make Battle Beast an overall Quality offering by Godilla. Godilla hits a homerun with Battle Beast, there’s no flashy gimmicks, no talk of swag, no Champagne popping, Louie bag toting, nothing but just straight emcee’in over hard hitting boom bap. the original Battle Beasts were small, This album is big. Cop it.

Preview some of my favorite cuts off the album below.

Moon Knight

Street Dedicatin Featuring Scheme & King Magnetic

Circuit Training Featuring Thirstin Howl The 3rd & Ali Armz

Laughin Featuring Sha Stimuli & Jukstapose

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Deerok’s LP Pick 2011 – Kendrick Lamar – Section 80


If I could only pick one album for “Album of The Year”, Then I would have to pick this one. Kendrick Lamar had an incredibly successful year, and it started with this masterpiece right here. From his lead single “HiiiPower” to “A.D.H.D.” to “Spiteful Chant” this album is just an incredible example why Hip Hop is alive and well. Check it out.

Cop the album on Amazon and iTunes.

Ronald Reagan Era

The Spiteful Chant

Deerok’s LP Pick 2011 – Evidence – Cats And Dogs


Evidence dropped his highly anticipated album Cats & Dogs in late September on Rhymesayers, and it quickly became one of my favorites of 2011. My favorite tracks on the album “I Don’t Need Love” is just one of the dope 17 tracks on the album. Definitely worth the cop. Check it out.

Cop the album on Amazon and iTunes

I Don’t Need Love

Late For The Sky feat. Slug & Aesop Rock

Where You Come From_ feat. Rakaa, Lil Fame & Termanology

Deerok’s LP Pick 2011 – Boog Brown – The Brown Study Remixes


If you’re ever going to get into a conversation about the dopest female emcees right now , Boog Brown is one name that should always be mentioned , cause to be honest, this femcee goes harder then alot of cats spitting right now. Boog Brown is a true talent and she shines on The Brown Study. The original version of this album alone, was real dope and is worth the cop. I really enjoyed the remixes though, with production by Nick Tha 1Da, Dunc of DTMD, Def Dee, 14KT, Apollo Brown, Marvwon, Illastrate, Audio Doctor, Amdex, and Has-Lo. Son, nothing but dope on this right here. Check it out.

Cop the album here.