A.Y.E. – 90 Now (Album)


Diggin this joint from A.Y.E. Check it out.

Makebelieve and IMF are pleased to present 90 NOW, the new album by talented young emcee & producer A.Y.E. The album is a truly authentic tribute to the beats, style, slang and aura of 90′s hip hop.

Nolan The Ninja – The ILL Sh*t (Album)


The homie and blog regular Nolan The Ninja lets loose a stream of his sophmore album The Ill Shit. The homie is always coming through with quality music. Check it out.

His sophomore release, “The Ill Sh-t,” sews the pages from classic hip hop manifestos into Nolan’s own set of 14 songs. He and producer 5ynot’s minimalist sound beds preserve the boom bap era and give Nolan’s hoarse, sharp-tongued raps about industry monotony and artistic struggles room to roam.

“I just wanted to take hip-hop back to a time where emcees were known for just being ill and only coming hard with that Ill shit,” he says.

Fellow Detroit emcees such as Clear Soul Forces member Noveliss (“Antidote”), crewmate Chavis Chandler (“The Books”), and Fat Killahs’ members Marv-Won and Fatt Father (“Mahogany,” “Clout”) all lend their voices to further round out the album.

E-Prosounds – A Divine Mind (FreeLP)


Diggin this from E-Prosounds, but I’m let the homie Matt Diamond break it down. Check it out.

Enter The Divine Mind. It is an ethereal dimension that allows you to perceive this world with clarity and super smooth beats. The debut project from E-Prosounds is the story of a refined lyrical creative who shares his travels in the everyday world that everyone else just wanders through. It serves as a collection of moments that give you the foundation of how E-Prosounds came to be. He flirts with ideas of Creationism to the extended mental escapes he takes where his other world thoughts stem from. Sit way back and enjoy the experience. No performance enhancing drugs or samples were used, so please don’t put any asterisks after the numbers this project puts up. Just 100% organic Hip-Hop.

Neak – XIII (Album)


Alot of great Hip Hop coming out of Chicago, and one dude who’s been consistently been putting out some of that music is the homie Neak. I posted a couple singles off this album the past couple months, and now he releases his latest project XIII. Check it out.

Blanco & The Jacka – Misfits (FreeLP)


This is nice. Check it out.

Blanco & The Jacka pay tribute to legendary punk outfit Misfits on the cover of an album containing hard-hitting street rap. The credits on the album Misfits read like a Who’s Who of cutting-edge hip-hop; produced in full by MPC virtuoso AraabMuzik, the album features guests including Freeway, Mistah F.A.B., and Krondon.

Grap Luva – Neva Done (Full Tape Rip Mp3)


Shout to Grap Luva for this one man, this is dope. Check it out.

Buy this cassette tape and many more at

With or without purchase of the actual cassette, we invite you to stream / download a full rip of this tape for free (courtesy of Grap Luva & Redefinition Records), ripped via a classic SONY Stereo Cassette Deck, 1986 Model TC-FX420R

The Ol’ Days – 1979 (Album)


This joint took me back, even though I was born ’78. New album from them dudes The Ol’ Days. Check it out.

The Ol’ Days are a Chicago group consisting of hip hop producer/Dj Ki’ of NC, Videographer/Camera Man Rookie Chi. They’ve come together on a mission to bring back real music and entertainment for all ages by meshing the new school with the old school!